Monday, September 28, 2009

Rebecca and Julia

Rule #1 if you use Sarah Elaine Photography-TAKE MY KEYS AWAY FROM ME. For the second time within a couple of weeks, I locked my keys in my car. Fortunately Rebecca is one of the coolest people ever and she wasn't too bothered about it. At least she was quiet about it if she was. :)

Rebecca brought her daughter Julia along on the shoot and she's just so cute I couldn't help taking a ton of photos of her too. She was very energetic and kept us very entertained by dancing, telling stories and even making us 'salads' out of grass. Yum!

Julia is very excited to meet her baby brother! Fortunately she doesn't have much longer to wait!

While sitting on Ward Parkway waiting for a locksmith to show up, Rebecca and Julia showed me some of the yoga poses they do together. It made for lovely photos!

This photo of Rebecca on a bench is my favorite of the day. I love her smile in this one!

Congrats to Rebecca and I can't wait to meet baby Luke!

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