Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Tonight I met with Rylee for his senior portrait session. He and his family chose to take his portraits at their home--they have a huge yard with a lovely fence and a small pond. I always love taking photos at someone's home. It definitely gives the photos more of a unique aspect.

Rylee is a cowboy and a golfer, so we options for a lot of great photos. Though all of his photos were great, the ones in his cowboy gear are by far my favorites.

Also present at the photo session were Nick and Libby, two of the cutest little dogs I've ever seen. And very photogenic! I was amazed at well-behaved they were. My dog is a bad dog, so I'm not used to quiet, still dogs! ;)

I ended the evening with Rylee by locking my keys in my car. Something I do far too often! Rylee and his parents were very good sports about it and did all they could do help me retrieve my keys. I'll have to give them some free portraits just for putting up with me!

This last photo is my favorite photo from Rylee's session. I've been told it looks like an album cover. What do you think?

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